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Welding Respirator Ready Pack ABEK1P3

Our Price: £222.00 inc VAT  (£185.00 + VAT)

Product Description

This product is currently out of stock. We currently do not know when these will be back in stock.

This pack includes:
1 x M/L Pro2 full face respirator
1 x Removable flip-up welding visor
1 x Clear lens
1 x Shade 10 lens
1 x Pre-fitted exhaust spark guard
1 x Pre-fitted speech diaphragm spark guard
1 x Pair Pro2 ABEK1 P3 filters

Options: you can also purchase a flame retardant Proban welding hood from the drop-down menu and a second pair of filters at a reduced rate.

We supply the Scott Pro2 full face respirator equipped flip-up welding visor plus exhaust valve spark guard and speech diaphragm spark guard ready fitted.

In addition to this a pair of ABEK1 P3 reusable filters are supplied from the Scott Pro2 range, these filters are encased in a plastic housing making them naturally spark resistant.

The flip-up welding visor is easily removed and re-fitted which makes the full face mask ideal for use in a range of other non-welding work that may also require the use of a respirator.