We currently keep in stock in the following size respirators, (M/L) Medium Large being the most commonly sought after:

Full Face Respirators:

Promask Sil - (M/L) Medium Large
Promask Black- (M/L) Medium Large & (S) Small
Pro2 - (M/L) Medium Large
Vision 4000 - (M/L) Medium Large & (M) Medium & (S) Small
Vision 1000 - (M/L) Medium Large (Small & Medium available as Special Order, please call us)
Sari Kemira - (M/L) Medium Large
Sara Kemira Triplex - (M/L) Medium Large
Promask Combi - (M/L) Medium Large

The Vison 4000 full face mask respirator is also available in (S) Small size, please contact us if you would like this size as we currently order these in as required.

Half Mask Respirators:

Profile 40 - (M/L) Medium Large & (S/M) Small Medium
Profile 60 - (M/L) Medium Large & (S/M) Small Medium

Selecting Your Size When Ordering:

You can select your respirator size where applicable from the drop-down menu on each product page, changing respirator size will not affect the cost.

Beards, Facial Hair & Respirators:

To use a full face respirator or half-mask respirator you will need to ensure that beards or long side-burns do not obstruct the seal; it is much easier for gas or small particles such as silica dust to  pass through the gaps that a beard creates and bypass the filter altogether. 

The following graphic is a useful guide on what is acceptable and please contact us if you would like help selecting a respiratory product for use with beards, facial hair as well as options for spectacle wearers.
Beards, Facial Hair & Respirators & Gas Masks