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Scott Vision 4000 Multi Purpose Respirator Pack

Scott Vision 4000 Multi Purpose Respirator Pack

Our Price: £179.26 exc VAT  (£215.11 inc VAT)

Product Description

This Pack includes:

1 x Vision 4000 Full Face Mask Respirator with 98% Field of Vision
1 x Pro2000 ABEK2P3 Multi Gas & Particle Filter (with option to purchase an additional filter at reduced rate)

Supplied in M/L, M & S sizes, the Vision 4000 full face respirator is ideal for use in a range of industries and toxic environments where either a wide range of chemical hazards are present or are unknown. Also ideal for 1st Responders.

Please note filter respirators are only suitable for use in well ventilated atmospheres where the O2 content of the air is 18% to 23% vol.