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Scott Sari FFM - Toxic Dusts & Particles

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Product Description

This Pack includes:

 1 x Sari Natural Rubber Full Face Respirator
 1 x Pro2000 P3 Particle Filter Cartridge (with option to purchase an additional filter at reduced rate)

Suitable for all types of toxic dusts & particles as well as protection against spores, virus & bacteria.

Asbestos Handling
If you are working for an asbestos contractor please ensure you know what site requirements are for respiratory protection before turning up, a negative pressure full face mask may not be enough. Please also ensure you have been fit tested and know which size respirator to purchase from us - this is your responsibility!

These respirators are NOT suitable for wearing with stubble or beards - ENSURE YOU ARE CLEAN SHAVEN. If you are unsure on any aspect of asbestos handling or removal please refer to HSE guidelines.