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Scott Safety Duraflow

Product Description

This Scott Safety Duraflow Starter Pack includes;

1x Scott Safety Duraflow Powered Air Purifying Respirator
1x Belt
1x Standard duration battery
1x Charger

Please Note: This product does not include filters, hose or a head-top. Please contact us if you need to discuss the Duraflow or the application that you wish to use the product in. 

The Scott Safety DURAFLOW PAPR provides durable, versatile protection for users in a wide range of demanding environments at an affordable price.

Although the Duraflow is Scott Safety's entry level PAPR system it is robust and suitable for most industrial users with a comfortable high flow-rate of 160 litres per minute for up to 8 hours continuous use from a single battery charge. 

Simple to use there is a single on/off switch with battery life indicator and audible alarm when either the filters become clogged or battery life is almost exhausted.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators are ideally used for longer duration wearing, working in hot conditions or with the correct head-top provide a very high level of protection for operatives with beards, facial hair and spectacles without the need for a fit-test. 

EN 12941