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Scott Pro Tester Leakage Testing Apparatus

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Product Description

Suitable for use with the Scott Pro range of full face masks as well as Vision and Sari full face masks.

The EN2463 Scott Pro-Tester leak test device provides a simple and reliable means of testing the leak-tightness of full face gas masks.

The Pro-Tester checks that the valves are airtight and that there is no leakage from the sealing edge of the face blank, visor or speech diaphragm. Negative pressure builds up when the face piece is closely mounted on the test head.
  • Simple and reliable means of testing the leak-tightness of a full face mask
  • Professional negative pressure leak-test device
  • 8 second test
  • No compressed-air supply needed
  • The test result is automatically displayed by light indicators. Green – pass; Red - fail.
  • Negative pressure is assured by the use of a vacuum pump.
  • Its robust construction withstands arduous daily use in the workplace.
  • Negative pressure is built up in two stages to create a reliable and uniform fit between the mask and the testing device.
  • The internal leak-tightness of the device can be tested, if required. A test hose is available for the purpose.