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Promask Welding Visor

Our Price: £90.00 inc VAT  (£75.00 + VAT)

Product Description

The Promask welding visor is a highly cost effective way of converting your full face mask respirator into a welding visor which when used with filter cartridges gives you protection against particles and fumes.

The welding visor is easily fitted and removed as it simply clips onto your Promask and the flip-open visor means you do not need to remove the respirator for inspecting your work between welds.

Suitable for use with:
  • Pro2 Full Face mask
  • Promask Sil Full Face mask
  • Promask Black Full Face mask
  • Promask Combi Full Face Mask
Supplied with 1 x clear lens and 1 x shade 10 lens.