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Pro 2000 CF22 A2B2P3 Combined Filter

Pro 2000 CF22 A2B2P3 Combined Filter

Our Price: £14.49 exc VAT  (£17.39 inc VAT)

Product Description

Scott Pro 2000 filters for Organic and inorganic gases and vapours, solid and liquid, radioactive and toxic particles, plus micro- organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses.

Sold in single units or in a box of 20 filters.

Weight: 265 Grams
Standard: EN14387

Suitable for use with:
  • Promask Sil
  • Promask Black
  • Vision 4000 Side Fit
  • Vison 1000 Front Fit
  • Sari
  • Profile 40 1/2 Mask
  • Aviva 40 1/2 Mask
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