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ChemBio protection - Powered Air Purifying Respirator suits, or PAPR suits offer both respiratory and full body protection against a wide range of acids, alkali's, vapours, particles, virus, spores and pathogens.

Safety helmets can be worn beneath the suit and spectacles, beards or sideburns are not a problem - a fit-test is not required to use this style of breathing apparatus.

These specialised RPE garments are suitable for:
  • Pesticides - Insecticides - Crop Spraying
  • Medical Staff - Ebola - Epidemics - Pandemics
  • Chemical Handling - Toxic Vapors - Toxic Dusts
  • Post Fire Clean-ups - Laboratory Decontamination - Chemical Spills
  • BioSecurity - Foot & Mouth - Avian Flu - Swine Fever - Barn Decontamination
Please Contact Us if you need assistance selecting a powered air purifying suit or need to ensure it is the correct protective garment for your task at hand.
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