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Powered Air - Duraflow & FH1 Headtop - Ammonia & Toxic Particles

Product Description

Scott Safety Duraflow Powered Air Purifying Respirator with FH1 Half Hood & PU Stretch Hose.

This Scott Duraflow and FH1 head-top comes with 2 x Pro 2000 K2P3 filters for use with ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives, solid and liquid, radioactive and toxic particles, plus micro- organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses
  • No fit-test required
  • Can be worn with spectacles
  • Suitable for operatives with beards & facial hair
  • TH3 Protection - maximum protection for a head-top
  • PAPR Device with 160 litre p/minute flow rate
  • Blower / battery / charger / belt included
  • Accepts Pro 2000 40mm threaded filters 
The Duraflow is the latest Scott Safety PAPR device, suitable for a range of industrial uses such as Construction, Waste Management, Pharmaceutical, Painting & Chemical Spraying.  

Standards: Duraflow Blower: EN 12941 + FH1 Head-top: TH3.