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NATO Body Armour - Riot Suit

Product Description

We are unable to supply NATO Body Armour to members of the General Public.

NATO registered Police Anti Riot Suit consists of:
  • Chest protector
  • Back protector
  • Shoulder protector
  • Abdomen & Groin protector, and
  • Legs & Arms protector (including crotch and instep part protection)
The riot suit adopts Nomex flame resistant fabric and the inner fabric adopts high strength nylon with mesh ventilated liner as well as foam EVA and foam sponge as its cushion. Components are joined by metal buckles, plastic buckles, insert plastic buckles, and nylon Velcro and elastic belts. fitted with molle system, this riot suit body armour is NATO registered.

Stabproof Level: NIJ III

Weight: 5.50kgs

This suit is Special Order only and for multiple units, not single units. Standard colour is black, this body armor can also be supplied in a range of other colours, tan, khaki & camo variations.