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M95 Full Facepiece Respirator Military & National Defence

Product Description

The M95 military specification respirator affords the wearer a precise fit, the user comfort is the result of advanced computer-aided design with anatomical accuracy based on a wealth of facial form data.

The superior protection of the halo-butyl elastomer facepiece has been proven with live agent testing; it is impermeable to chemical agents such as sarin and mustard gas.
  • Available in two sizes for optimum fi t and safety for 100% matching of the population.
  • The respirator is easy and rapid to don and doff - in only 10 seconds.
  • Scott’s extensive range of NBC filters provides protection against all known chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents and hazardous particles, like microorganisms.
  • Filter connections on both sides of the facepiece facilitate left- or right-handed operation.
  • The six-point head-harness ensures tight fi t of the facepiece.
  • Collision-proof construction of the mask and connector prevents accidental facial injuries.
  • Spectacle frames for prescription lenses are easily secured to the anchor point in the inner mask and remain stable in hostile environments.
  • Circulating the inhalation airflow across the inside of the lenses effectively prevents fogging.
  • The dual lenses combined with the close-fitting profile of the mask offer an excellent downward and horizontal field of vision - over 80%.
  • The two-lens construction means that the mask can be folded in half longitudinally for compact stowage in a mask pouch.
  • Bottle option with HDPE protection against NBC agents >48h
*We are unable to supply this respirator to members of the General Public.