Welcome To Our Video Guides On Filter & Respirator Selection

In this section we have created info videos to answer some of your more frequently asked questions as well as provide a further understanding of the respiratory hazards associated with various industries and the options that are available to you.

As well as being industry specific our Silica Dust video gives a range of options for operatives with beards, facial hair and spectacles and our Industrial Paints & 2 Pack Isocyanate video gives a useful overview on filter cartridges, the numbers & colour codes associated with them and discusses Constant Flow airline breathing apparatus - this is general info that can be applied to many other Trades & Industries; not just Silica & Paints. We hope you enjoy our info videos & welcome feedback.


Respiratory Protection - Silica Dust (and toxic dusts)

Respiratory Protection - Industrial Paints, 2 Pack Isocyanates

Decontamination Gear: Review of Scott LDS Light Decontamination System, D7, Trellchem & HAZMAT Gear