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HAZMAT Control Decontamination Basin Bundle

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Product Description

The HAZMAT Control Decontamination Basin Bundle is ideal for quick decontamination of objects or Personnel wearing PPE and RPE where a full decontamination shower cabin is not suitable, needed or practical.

This set includes:

1no 1.5m x 1.5m heavy duty inflatable decontamination basin with replaceable liner
1no NATO specification ATM10 6bar portable decontamination machine, 13 litre capacity, to STANAG 4653
1no 2 part D7 ChemBio decontaminating liquid agent with 3rd part booster to accelerate chemical or biological threat neutralisation time (total 10.2 litres)

This decon set is ideal for Police, Fire Service, Industrial Users, Tank Cleaning, Commercial Divers, Military, Scientific Research, Farming & Poultry and can be used for quick onsite decontamination of chemical & biological threats & hazards including warfare agents.

Please Note: The lead-time for this package is currently 4 weeks, larger basin sizes are available in 2m x 2m and 2.5m x 2.5m, please contact us for pricing and lead-times.

HAZMAT Control Decontamination