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Respirators for Farming, Agriculture, Poultry, Pesticides & Vermin

Working in farming, poultry & agriculture sectors can expose an operative to a wide range of toxic substances such as through the application of fertilizers or pesticides, or the cleaning of chicken & poultry sheds where ammonia, fine feather dusts and bacteria are present.

Its important to know what respiratory hazards are present and how to effectively protect yourself or a workforce.

Respirators for FarmersThe fatal injury rate for agriculture is 18 times higher than the five-year average for all other UK industries and part of that can be attributed to asphyxiation around toxic gases at slurry pits or overcome by dusts in silos as an example. If you need assistance selecting suitable respirators & filters please make contact with us.
Think Decon - Portable decontamination bundle for Personnel in PPE & RPE
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