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Drager Parat 7520 Fire & Industrial Escape Hood

Our Price: £214.50 exc VAT  (£257.40 inc VAT)

Product Description

We have incorporated the Drager Parat 7520 Fire & Industrial Escape Hood into our civilian & industrial products to replace the Scott Safety Civic Chemi hood which is now obsolete.

Equipped with a ABEK CO P3 Filter the Drager Parat escape hood is ideal for industrial escape and any situation where a quick donning method of escape may be required that offers a high level of respiratory protection against a full range of hazards which include:

Toxic industrial gases, organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours as well as ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives, solid and liquid, radioactive and toxic particles, plus micro-organisms, e.g. bacteria and virus and fire-related gases.

The quick donning hood can be comfortably worn on a belt, shoulder strap, grip clip, belt clip or just stowed in a shoulder bag.

Approval: according to EN 403:2004 for fire escape hoods; according to DIN 58647-7 for filtering escape devices; filter additionally tested in accordance with EN 14387:2004. Unused filter life: 8 years.