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RPE for Silica & Toxic Dusts: Building, Construction & Manufacturing

Allpipe Breathing Apparatus supply a range of respirators with PF10 P3 filters suitable for use around irritating dusts or toxic dusts such as Silica which is found in a wide range of industries such as construction, kitchen worktop fabrication, masonry, demolition & quarrying to name a few.

Beards & facial hair, for advice on respiratory protection for operatives with facial hair please talk to us.

Asbestos: If you are working for an asbestos contractor please ensure you know what site requirements are for respiratory protection before turning up, a negative pressure full face mask (gasmask) may not be enough. Please also ensure you have been fit tested and know which size respirator to purchase from us - this is your responsibility!

EN140 half mask respirators with P3 filters are suitable for short duration non-licensed asbestos work, both full & half mask respirators are NOT suitable for wearing with stubble or beards - ENSURE YOU ARE CLEAN SHAVEN. If you are unsure of any aspect of asbestos handling or removal please refer to HSE guidelines.

Info Video - Silica Dust Protection

3M Scott Safety Respirators for Silica