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Allpipe Breathing Apparatus stock and supply a range of airfed masks and respiratory protective equipment suitable for a wide range of industries.

The Scott T/Aline and Promask Combi are constant flow air fed airline apparatus which connect to a suitable compressor. The T/Aline system has a choice of 2 hood types and the belt-worn control has a secondary port for connecting an air-tool attachment such as a spray painting gun, as well as a charcoal coalescing filter for removing residual odour.  

Promask Combi is a full facemask with a primary purpose as an air-fed mask with a secondary port for fitting a filter cartridge. This can be used when leaving a hot-zone and coming off air for decontamination, or just simply for using as a negative pressure gas mask when airline is not needed.

Both T/Aline and Promask Combi have options for PVC or anti-static airline hose and a simple guide for rigging up a system is featured inside each product category.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators are battery powered filter air-fed respirators which have a wide range of head-tops, helmets, face-shields and full face-mask options.  
Scott Safety Air Fed Masks