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F.A.B.A or Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus is a highly effective, low tech method of providing clean air to an operative working in a confined space such as silo or tank with minimal training.

The system can be used in unassisted mode where the operative can draw air through the umbilical hose, which acts like a snorkel, through the power of their lungs alone. This method can be used very effectively with a 9 metre length of hose and is possible through up to 20m of hose.

Assisted Mode: Alternatively a 110V or 240V blower turbine can used to push a constant flow of air down to the user (2 users can be supplied simultaneously from 1 blower turbine), this can be used on all hose lengths up to 40 metres.

FABAThe blower unit or end of the umbilical hose needs to be in a clean air source, a basic foam filter prevents large foreign objects such as insects from entering the system however gases and fine particle will pass through this.
Respirator for Confined Space