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Bitrex Fit Test Kit

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Product Description

This kit comes with chemicals to test about 30 people, and a comprehensive operating instruction manual.

The Bitrex Kit is a “qualitative” face fit test kit. This means that the face fit is dependent on the honesty of the person wearing the mask. The mask is chosen and fitted to the wearer. A basic fit test can be done using suction and blocking off the filter inlets. If the mask sucks to the face readily your half way there to a good fit. Then the wearer has the yellow hood placed over their head and a local environment created inside the hood. Using a vaporiser (supplied) a bitter chemical is introduced into the hood. If the wearer fails to taste/smell the bitter chemical the mask is doing its job. If the mask leaks the bitter taste will be obvious (but completely harmless).
pdf: /ekmps/shops/respirators/resources/Other/bitrex-fit-test-kit-datasheet.pdf