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Avon Protection NH15 Escape Hood - Phosgene, Chlorine, H2S

Our Price: £126.50 exc VAT  (£151.80 inc VAT)

Product Description

Avon Protection NH15 H2S Escape Hood
The NH15 escape hood respirator is a highly compact escape device equipped with twin ABEK1-P3 filters making it suitable for use in industry's where inorganic gases such as H2S, phosgene or chlorine may be present. 

Used by 1st Responders world-wide the NH15 respirator has been thoroughly tried and tested. The hood does not require a fit-test as it seals around the neck and is suitable for personnel with beards and facial hair. 

The non-claustrophobic clear transparent hood means that colleagues are easily identifiable and the twin filter design lowers breathing resistance. 
  • Refineries, Factory Floors
  • Office Staff & Site Inspections
  • Journalists & Media
  • Oil, Gas, Mining & Energy
  • Border Control & HMP's
  • Transport Networks, Airlines & Tanker Transport
  • National Health Service & Health Care Providers 
With NO annual fit test requirements the Avon NH15 is vacuum-packed in a multilayer barrier bag that provides 5 years of shelf life, the escape hood requires NO maintenance or inspection requirements making it a highly cost effective method of protecting more people for your budget.

This escape hood respirator is sold at £115.00 +VAT for single units, discounts available for bulk / multiple purchases. You will need to contact us directly as this unit cannot be bought online.. You can use our quote system to request a bulk purchase price at

To download the Avon NH15 brochure & specifications: <<Click Here>>

Please Note: The NH15 is available for business to business sales, Government organisations & corporations, NGO's and charities. Please contact us if you would like to place an order as this hood cannot be bought online and is not available to members of the General Public to  buy..