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Aviva 40 1/2 Mask - Toxic Dusts & Particles

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Product Description

This Respirator Pack includes:

1 x Aviva 40 1/2 Mask Respirator
1 x Pro2000 P3 Particle Filter Cartridge (with option to purchase an additional filter at reduced rate)

Suitable for all types of toxic dusts & particles as well as protection against spores, virus & bacteria.

Asbestos Handling
EN140 half mask respirators with P3 filters are suitable for short duration non-licensed work, both full & half mask respirators are NOT suitable for wearing with stubble or beards - ENSURE YOU ARE CLEAN SHAVEN. If you are unsure of any aspect of asbestos handling or removal please refer to HSE guidelines.

If you are working for an asbestos contractor please ensure you know what site requirements are for respiratory protection before turning up, a negative pressure full face mask may not be enough. Please also ensure you have been fit tested and know which size respirator to purchase from us - this is your responsibility!

Sizes: Aviva 40 is available in Small, Medium & Large sizes with Medium size being suitable for most people. As a rule of thumb some females & youths may require the Small size and the larger male may require the Large size.