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Asatex Astro PAPR Suit with Blower Unit

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Product Description

The Asatex Astro is a semi-disposable full body PAPR suit offering a high level of protection against a range of toxic particles and chemical vapours / splashes.

This suit is supplied with the Scott Safety Proflow SC 160 l/per minute blower, battery, charger & comfort belt.

Suit Specification:

• Horizontal front entrance with a twice maskable cover for the zip fastener
• Integrated sock liners and and bootstrap tops
• Double sleeves + glove connector
• Two air exit valves in the head are, two air exit valves in the leg area
• Synthetical visor with 180° angle of vision
• Neck collar is permeable to air for sufficient air flow
• Air connection click adapter on the back of the hood
• Emergency exit for fast take off in emergency cases
• Unlimited wearing time, no breathing resistance

PPE category IIIAstro Chemical Permeation Data
TH3 Protection to EN 12941
Chemical Protection: Type 3B + 4B
EN 14605:2005 + A1:2009 - Protective
Clothing against liquid chemicals (liquid-proof)