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For protection against 2 pack paints and isocyanates we offer a range of respirators with ABEK2 P3 filters, a second filter can be purchased at a discounted rate. Our 'ready pack' respirators in this section are also supplied with a pack of tear-off visor covers to extend the life of the polycarbonate visors.
Please note that for occupational 2 pack paint spraying HSE guidelines state that airline breathing apparatus should be worn. The respirators with ABEK2 P3 filter combinations that we offer here are suitable for occasional use in a well ventilated environment and where there is a low level of atmospheric contamination.
For an overview on respiratory protection & industrial paints see our Info Video

Filter respirators are only suitable for use in well ventilated atmospheres where the O2 content of the air is 18% to 23% vol. Warning we are seeing 1/2 masks with A1P2, A2P3 & B2P3 filters being advertised on Ebay, Amazon and on some PPE suppliers websites for automotive spray painting - these are NOT suitable for spraying 2K isocyanates !

Video - RPE for Isocyanates & Industrial Paints